Today, our options to schedule home maintenance services, like those of handymen, electricians, plumbers, cleaners etc. are categorically inefficient.

Consumers’ Options

For the most part, there is already a go-to-guy and his contact stored on the phone. The alternative is generally to scour the internet hoping to hear back from someone you’d want to work with.


Typically, finding a provider involves scouring resources like Craigslist, Angie’s list, Yelp, Google, distribution lists or neighborhood social groups to obtain phone numbers; And evenings spent calling each one on the list. Mostly, the phone calls don’t get picked up, even when they do, they are either not willing to do the thing you need them to do, or are ‘booked out’ for weeks. Finally, when the appointment is made, there is a good chance that there is delay or cancellation; Leaving a frustrated consumer to start all over again.

Go-To Guy

Then, there are those who have this go-to guy. They have his phone number. They know that he has the tools and for the most part can fix anything they need at home. Most importantly, this guy has the spousal approval. They have learnt to put up with his idiosyncrasies and have traded it with the ability to call this one person to do their bidding; albeit at his convenience.

Providers’ Pains

The provider’s side is not easy either. On a regular day, the provider has to deal with multiple aspects of his Small Business. Any one making money as a provider in this business is juggling several things in a day. New leads, customer service, invoices, payments, routing, scheduling etc.

Often, their already long days end up being mostly driving and talking on the phone than actually hours spent being paid for.

It results in a less than ideal experience on both ends: the consumer’s and provider’s.


We believe that home maintenance should be simple. That is a future that we are excited about.

We are building a platform that brings people and technology together to create a simple and delightful experience for both consumers and providers.