We believe in a future

Building a company is hard. More so, in an industry that has entrenched mindsets where we are aiming to bring something that seems like it is from the future.

What then, drives us to be committed to our mission? If it is just a paycheck, that won’t be enough to have us perceiver through the trials and tribulations thrown at us.

We truly believe in the future. A future of simple and delightful home maintenance for home owners and providers.


Culture of learning and continuous improvement

Clearly, there is much to learn here. We strive to understand how things are done and why they are done that way.

We are making an inventory of pain points and areas of friction in the current world of home maintenance. We don’t want to overlook the many aspects of why people are happy with the way it is in some cases.

Our goal is to start in a corner where we can bring clear value to consumers and providers; And bootstrap a committed team with a culture of learning and continuous improvement.


People and Technology

What we are building is a trusted community of home owners and providers connected to each other in a meaningful to conduct efficient commerce.

It requires us to make deliberate investments in technology and processes. We need to work with real people with real skills and steer clear from an assumption that providers are replaceable resources.

We are confident that our future product line and road map echoes this mission.